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Wiley Prize

Wiley Prize Contest - MRC Award for Young Scientists

John Wiley & Sons (Publisher since 1807) through its Journal “Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry” is sponsoring the “Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry Award for Young Scientists”. The MRC Award for Young Scientists, established in 2006, is open to outstanding researchers under the age of 40 working with NMR spectroscopy in analytical chemistry within industry or academia in any part of the world.
John Wiley & Sons will offer three Awards of €500, payable to the Awardees during the Joint EUROMAR 2010 and 17th ISMAR Conference. The Prize Winners will be selected by the EUROMAR Chairman with the help of the Program Committee 2010 on the base of the submitted abstracts of the young scientists’ presentations. Three Awardees will each have a chance to give a lecture. These lectures will be announced in the Congress program as the “Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry Award for Young Scientists Prize Winner”. The length of the lectures and their placement in the Congress program will be defined by the Program Committee and Chair of the conference.
A young researcher who wishes to participate in the Wiley Prize Contest should so indicate when submitting a poster abstract.

The Program Committee has announced the three winners:

Mathilde Giffard, CEA Grenoble, France. - Effect of RF phase shift on the Third Spin Assisted Recoupling in Solid-state NMR
presentation: Friday, July 9 at 3:00

Meike Roth, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany. Constant 1H and 13C signal enhancement in NMR using hollow fiber membranes and parahydrogen
presentation: Monday, July 5 at 4:45

Alexej Jerschow, New York University, USA. Cutoff-free Traveling Wave NMR
presentation: Friday, July 9 at 12:20